Are Tennis Balls Dangerous For My Dog?

dog eating tennis balls

A common question our dog trainers in Kansas City get asked is, “Are tennis balls dangerous for my dog?” The answer is yes and no, it really depends on how you view this subject.  After reading below, you decide. Do Tennis Balls Contain Toxic Dye? No. Know that tennis balls no longer contain toxic die which … Read more

Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog? Dog Trainers in Kansas City

Spay or Neuter My Dog

There has been a debate as to whether or not you should spay or neuter your dog. Many different groups have a variety of different feelings on this heavily debated topic, each for their own reasons. This can be a very personal decision and one of the most important ones that you can make as … Read more

Evolution of Dogs:

evolutions of dogs

  Wolves have been associated with human beings for a very long time and studies show that man first used wolves for food. Their bones were found alongside humans as far back as 400,000 years ago. Not all of them were wild, some were timid and knowing that food would be near human camps, started … Read more

Why Is Play Combined with Obedience Important? Should You Play Tug With Your Dog?

Throughout history, up until now; people have often suggested that powerful relationships are established through play. By analogy, studies have shown that a competitive games can affect dog-human relationships, in a positive way. There was a Rooney and Bradshaw study done on this idea/fact in 2002, let’s look at the study in deeper details:
The study … Read more

After School Snacks Kids and Dogs Can Share

school snacks kids

While doing our training programs in Kansas City, we always get asked questions about dog food and snacks! With the school year right around the corner we thought it was a good time for this article. There are few things cuter than kids and their dogs. Best friends for life and inseparable, kids share everything … Read more

Does Your Dog Know Basic Obedience Or Is Your Dog Good At Basic Obedience?

dog basic obedience

“My dog is pretty good at basic obedience” is something we hear daily at our dog training business in Kansas City. As noted on our website, we have our “Basic Obedience Package” which covers your main six commands: come, sit, down, place, off, and heel.  People see this on a daily basis and they contact us … Read more

Dealing with Dog Dental Care

dog dental care

According to the ASPCA, many dogs in the U.S. show signs of periodontal disease by the time they are four years of age. There are some obvious signs that there are dental problems. These include bad breath, staining, tartar buildup and excessive drooling. Today, there are products that are intended to fight the onset of … Read more

What Are Some Tips For Traveling With Your Dog?

Traveling With Your Dog Traveling is already a stressful endeavor. Traveling with a dog becomes even more stressful. If you aren’t well prepared, traveling with a dog can become dangerous. Designating and securing a spot for the dog in the back of the car is a must. Leaving a dog loose is a first worst … Read more

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