The Dangers of THC for Dogs

The Dangers of THC for Dogs

As legal use of marijuana spreads, it’s more important than ever to know the risks it poses to your dogs. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the plant’s main psychoactive ingredient, is poisonous to dogs even though marijuana can be helpful for humans with some medical conditions. Emergency veterinarians are reporting up to five cases of THC toxicity in canines every night as marijuana use increases. We’ll talk about the risks of THC for dogs in this blog post and the necessity of exercising caution to keep your dog safe.

The Risks of THC for Dogs

Dogs have a larger concentration of cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans do, making them more susceptible to THC. A dog consuming THC may have a number of symptoms, such as:

Lethargy: Your dog may display signs of excessive fatigue, including low energy and lack of interest for routine activities.
Lack of coordination: Affected dogs could stumble, have trouble walking, or appear unstable on their feet.
Dilated pupils: Your dog may develop larger-than-normal pupils, which will give their eyes a glassy appearance.
After consuming THC, dogs may vomit, which, if not treated right once, can cause dehydration.
Urinary incontinence: Your dog may become incontinent and have accidents in the house as a result.
THC can cause a dog’s heart rate to slow down, which could result in difficulties if not handled right away.
Low body temperature: a dog’s body temperature may fall below normal levels, which can be harmful.
Seizures: In extreme situations, THC ingestion can cause seizures in dogs.
If you believe your dog has consumed marijuana or anything containing THC, you must seek veterinarian assistance right away because THC toxicity can be fatal in rare instances.

Be watchful to keep your dog safe.The Dangers of THC for Dogs

It is imperative to be watchful in keeping your dog from getting access to marijuana or items containing THC as a conscientious dog owner. The following actions can be taken to safeguard your dog:

Keep all marijuana and THC-containing goods safely stored away to avoid your dog from unintentionally consuming them. A locked cabinet works well for this purpose.
Inform friends and family: Make sure everyone in your home, including guests, is aware of the dangers THC poses to dogs and how crucial it is to keep all marijuana items out of reach.
Be careful when walking your dog: Keep them on a leash and watch out for any marijuana-related trash they may encounter, such as edibles or joint butts.
Safely dispose of marijuana products: Make sure your dog cannot access any marijuana or THC-infused things when you dispose of them. Use a safe trash bin or put the items in a sealed bag.
Being aware of THC toxicity symptoms Learn the signs of THC toxicity so you can spot them right away and, if required, seek veterinarian assistance.

The prevalence of marijuana and THC products has increased unintentional canine consumption. You may protect your canine friend from the risks of THC by being cautious and taking precautionary actions. You should definitely contact your veterinarian or an emergency animal clinic right away if you believe your dog has consumed marijuana or anything else that contains THC. The greatest possible outcome for your dog’s health and wellbeing depends on early action.


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