Why You Should Not Use A Retractable Leash With Your Dog

On a daily basis at our dog training in Kansas City, I tell people, “My first piece of expert advice is to go home, throw away this retractable leash, and buy a standard 4′-6′ leash.” Why Are Retractable Leashes Bad For Working With Your Dog? As I have probably said... read more

How To Stop My Dog From Chewing Things

A common question we get at our dog training in Kansas City is, “How Can I Stop My Dog From Chewing Everything?” The first thing I have to get you to realize is that your puppy is not doing this out of malice intent.  I hear all of the time, “I cannot believe he... read more

How Do I Read My Dog’s Body Language?

On a daily basis at our dog training in Kansas City, we are talking to people about reading their dog’s body language to better help predict their dog’s behavior and make them understand their dog better. There is a big misconception with people that a wagging tail... read more

Selecting a Puppy

Many people ask, “What is the best type of dog to get?” or “What is the best breed of dog to get?” In order to raise the perfect dog, you have to pick the perfect dog—that is, the perfect dog for you.  Unfortunately, I cannot answer that, only you can. The question... read more
Do Not Make Dog Training Your Last Resort

Do Not Make Dog Training Your Last Resort

Everyday at our dog training business in Kansas City, we get calls from unhappy owners telling us that they are at their wits end with their dogs and “your training is our last resort or we have to get rid of him.” These calls are for numerous reasons, dragging the... read more
Dogs Get Lonely Too

Dogs Get Lonely Too

Your dog has a complex brain, and he will miss you when you are gone just like a child! Stanley is a “momma’s boy.”  For those who don’t know, it means he REALLY loves his human mom, and whenever she’s gone, Stanley notices and gets a bit depressed.  So, Stanley’s... read more

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